Editorial 2

Right planning is essential for success in career. Hard work coupled with smart work under right guidance results in early success. One should make three things clear about one’s career or goal. These are, what to do, why to do & how to do.

‘What to do’ needs informed decision. One should have awareness about different career options & opportunities. The career options should be decided as based on their interests, aptitude & attitude. It should be based on one’s goal, family situations, age, stage and other parameters.

‘Why to do’ needs motivation which depends on one’s inner instincts, the positive changes that one expects in future life & the contributions that one wishes to make for the society at large. Everyone needs motivation to come out with full potential. A mobile phone, a sophisticated device, also needs to charged by a charger to perform well. Similarly, an individual’s mind has huge potential. It can be realized through right motivations.

‘How to do’ needs right guidance by experts. It needs positive atmosphere, good support of guiding material & proper grooming.

Develop and sustain a belief in yourself & piously follow your mentors to achieve your cherished dreams.

Wish you a very bright future, happy & prosperous life.


Dr. D.K. Bharti