Editorial 1

Government jobs have always attracted a large section of the society. There are two levels of such jobs, one is livelihood security jobs and other is VIP jobs which command authority & decision making powers. Most of the livelihood security posts are recruited through aptitude tests such as banks, insurance, SSC, railways, PSUs, defense, education, state government jobs etc. These jobs are attractive & provide job security as well as promotional opportunities to grow to VIP levels. Success in these jobs can be achieved even through short time planning (from six months to one year).In government VIP jobs are achieved through civil services exams (PCS & UPSC). Civil services give you a broader platform to contribute to the society & the nation at large. Success in these exams depends on meticulous planning, strong determination, perseverance, right guidance & hard work. It is generally a long term planning of many years. You need to develop analytical bent of mind, rational thinking & informed decision making abilities & systematic presentation of your knowledge from the vast syllabus of the exams.

A student who prepares for civil services exams sincerely can never fail in his/her career. If one manages everything of the syllabus & gets success he/she becomes VIP, but those who don’t clear the exams after hard work can get success in so many other jobs as by product of the same preparation.

Knowledge is power and the knowledge one acquires during this process will help in every walk of life. So one must try to come up to the best of his/her potential.

Wishing you best of luck for the New Year 2016.


Dr. D.K. Bharti